Monday, May 26, 2008


It's been a long time since I've updated my blog. I haven't worked on gTagNRename at all recently. Now I'm working on my home engine in preparation of finishing my master's project for The Guildhall.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I updated gTagNReanme the latest schema of AWS so that we can grab editorial reviews now. In doing so I fixed a number of bugs relating to assumptions I had made previously about the data format. More updates soon.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

gTagNRename 0.0.1 alpha - Fuzzy Logic Edition

Finally, I am ready with my first official release! gTagNRename actually performs the first of the 2 most basic functions needed to be called gTagNRename: tagging!

gTagNRename 0.0.1 alpha "Fuzzy Logic" release

So why is this release called "Fuzzy Logic"? No particular reason at all! As of right now, I still need to fix a couple of issues, namely:
  • Comments are not downloaded, nor is the comment box actually used
  • The file list on the left should allow you to reorganize mp3's in such a way that it accounts for missing files
  • The base singleton class that glade calls into needs cleaning up, namely I know for a fact that some of my algorithms are shite, and I know I can make them better.
  • The guys in #pygtk complained that some of my functions and classes (generated from glade) have underscores ( _ ) in them. Blech. They will be fixed eventually.
  • The 'Add' button doesnt work yet (but Drag-N-Drop does!)
I also want to add the file renaming functionality soon, and the option to copy and/or move the results into a specified directory. This would allow me to organize and categorize my audio files while I tagged them. Say I specify my destination directory and renaming scheme. Clicking [Write Tags] would write the tags, then clicking some other button with varios options selected would rename them in place, and would copy or move them to the destination directory.

For example:
Destination: [/home/public/Media/Audio/]
Scheme: [%p - %y - %a/%p - %y - %a - %0.2n - %t]

This would copy (or move) the tracks into a folder labeled properly all in a single click:
[The Herbaliser - 1997 - Blow Your Headphones]
^-[The Herbaliser - 1997 - Blow Your Headphones - 01 - Opening Credits]

Offhand, it is dependent on SOAPpy, eyeD3, and pygtk. I am also working on a windows port (it runs in pyton on windows, but I'm talking about a build using py2exe)

Anyhow, check out the Download.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sourceforge Approval!

Nice! The project has been approved for hosting by! This means that once the 0.01 alpha is ready to loose on the world there will be a localized site to download it! Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Development update

Work continues on gTagNRename. I recently took a screenshot of my progress on 0.0.1 alpha to show to Alan, Adam, and Brent the progress I've made.

Progress on gTagNRename 0.0.1 alpa

Pretty good for 3 days worth of real actual work. I applied for a project page. Once I get that I will use for my development. In case anyone was wondering, the program will in fact be GPL'ed.

The idea behind the application is not to create a 'kitchen sink' tool, but a focused application which does a really great job at tagging audio and renaming files. The application is Amazon Web Services (AWS) aware using SOAPpy for communication.

I'll post more progress later.

It's been a long time coming!

Welcome to my new blog. I finally decided to stop hosting my own blog and let Google take over. Seeing how Google has all of my information anyhow, I might as well let them host my blog too.