Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I updated gTagNReanme the latest schema of AWS so that we can grab editorial reviews now. In doing so I fixed a number of bugs relating to assumptions I had made previously about the data format. More updates soon.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

gTagNRename 0.0.1 alpha - Fuzzy Logic Edition

Finally, I am ready with my first official release! gTagNRename actually performs the first of the 2 most basic functions needed to be called gTagNRename: tagging!

gTagNRename 0.0.1 alpha "Fuzzy Logic" release

So why is this release called "Fuzzy Logic"? No particular reason at all! As of right now, I still need to fix a couple of issues, namely:
  • Comments are not downloaded, nor is the comment box actually used
  • The file list on the left should allow you to reorganize mp3's in such a way that it accounts for missing files
  • The base singleton class that glade calls into needs cleaning up, namely I know for a fact that some of my algorithms are shite, and I know I can make them better.
  • The guys in #pygtk complained that some of my functions and classes (generated from glade) have underscores ( _ ) in them. Blech. They will be fixed eventually.
  • The 'Add' button doesnt work yet (but Drag-N-Drop does!)
I also want to add the file renaming functionality soon, and the option to copy and/or move the results into a specified directory. This would allow me to organize and categorize my audio files while I tagged them. Say I specify my destination directory and renaming scheme. Clicking [Write Tags] would write the tags, then clicking some other button with varios options selected would rename them in place, and would copy or move them to the destination directory.

For example:
Destination: [/home/public/Media/Audio/]
Scheme: [%p - %y - %a/%p - %y - %a - %0.2n - %t]

This would copy (or move) the tracks into a folder labeled properly all in a single click:
[The Herbaliser - 1997 - Blow Your Headphones]
^-[The Herbaliser - 1997 - Blow Your Headphones - 01 - Opening Credits]

Offhand, it is dependent on SOAPpy, eyeD3, and pygtk. I am also working on a windows port (it runs in pyton on windows, but I'm talking about a build using py2exe)

Anyhow, check out the Download.